Control-4 Smart Home Installation

Control4 Smart Home

As a Control4 dealer, Select Technology Group is able to help bring your home or business up to speed to control certain tasks with the ease of easy to use touch keypads, smart phones, tablets and/or remotes.

We can install Control4 products in both new and existing homes with wireless or wired options.

Control4 Smart Home Automation Systems

Control4 smart home automation systems are ideal for homeowners looking to upgrade the lighting and automation systems in their new and existing homes. With simplicity, family members can operate these state-of-the-art systems.

Benefits of automation:

  • Affordable home control.
  • Simple to use.
  • Works with both your current and future home electronic equipment.
  • Wired or wireless.
  • Start small and expand your system over time.

Control4 smart home automation in your NJ home:


Control4 home automation products make sophisticated home automation and control practical and affordable for every home. Select Technology Group gives you simple, centralized control over your lights, music, home theater, temperature and security system. Our wireless, IP-based products integrate your existing technology into one complete system, providing a new level of entertainment, comfort, and convenience to you and your family.


With Select Technology Group, you can make your home always feel the way you want it to by automatically adjusting your lights and temperature. With Control4 home automation touch screens, you can control the lighting and set the temperature in your home.


With Control4’s touch screen home automation system, you can control your home theater, lights, music, and temperature. You can also manage home control settings from one simple remote.

Comfort & convenience with Control4 home automation systems:

  • Home Controllers
  • Audio/Video Products
  • Lighting Products
  • Climate Control / HVAC Control Products
  • Home Automation System Remote Control
  • Home Automation Touch Screens
  • Video Camera’s

Lighting Control:

There are many reasons that lighting control has become a crucial part of the automated life style. Here are a few of the most popular examples of Lighting control:

  • Lights turn on to welcome you home when you press your garage door opener.
  • Control your outdoor lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise.
  • Program a “Vacation Scene” and the lights turn on and off to replicate you being home – even when you are not.
  • Walk freely in your home at night. Motion sensors automatically turn on lights as you enter a room and turn off the lights after you have left to room.
  • Your kitchen lights go to the perfect brightness for dinner with the press of a button. Press your “Dinner Scene” button when you sit down for dinner.
  • Program your lights to slightly dim to help you save money on your energy bill.

Control4 Entertainment Systems


If it is easy to operate your Home Theater or start music throughout your home, you are more likely to get the most out of your equipment and media. Control4 provides effortless control over your home entertainment.

  • TV, Cable Box, DVD Player and Home Theater Components are all controlled on one east to use remote control.
  • Press one button and a menu appears on your TV with access to all of your media and home control capabilities.
  • Press “Play” on your remote and a “media scene” initiates. The movie starts, the lights and your blinds lower. Press stop and the lights turn back on. Everything works together.

Multi-Room / Whole House Music Audio Solutions

Control4 has wired and wireless options to easily enjoy music in your NJ home. He are some popular options:

  • Play and easily control music from internet radio stations, multiple formats from your computer hard drive, iPod, android device or tablet
  • Different rooms can hear different music and at different volumes at the same time.
  • Easily access your online music account and select music from the millions of songs in your music library.

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